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SAMBUCA CON LA MOSCA! Also called "on the fly," gets its name from fly-like beans. The garnish of three beans represents health, wealth, and happiness, with the number three being significant in various religions. Italians, known for their love of symbolism, embrace this tradition. The scent is a delightful mix of spicy-sweet and pungent notes, reminiscent of warm licorice, complemented by the refreshing aroma of coffee beans.


This is our top of the line soap base and aftershave!


Soap ingredients: 5oz stearic acid, tallow,goats milk,water,shea butter,kokum butter, potassium Hydroxide,sodium hydroxide,fragrance,castor oil,glycerin,tussah silk.


AFTERSHAVE INGREDIENTS (3.4 oz) Denatured Alcohol, Water, Fragrance, Rose Water, Red Clover Blossom chamomile extract,calendula extract,witch hazel,aloe,vitamin e.

Shave Dads Sambuca Con la Mosca

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