La befana . A collobration between Heritage Collection Shaving, Sarasota Wet Shaver, Peacemaker Pomade and Strike Gold Shave.Art work by Xicano Shaver. Scent inspired by the Xerjoff Naxos 1861.  The soap base is our new goats milk tallow blend known as the patriot base...Soap is  5 oz.

scent notes:lavender,lemon,bergamot,orange,cinnamon,cashmerian,jasmine,honey,tonka bean,tobacco,vanilla

.soap ingredients: stearic acid, tallow,goats milk,water,shea butter,kokum butter, potassium Hydroxide,sodium hydroxide,fragrance,caastor oil,glycerin

Aftershave 3oz ingredients: fragrance, denatured alchol,water,fragrance,witch hazel,aloe,alum

EDT 2oz ingredients: denatured alcohol,fragrance,water

Pomade ingredients: beeswax,shea butter,coconut oil,kaolin clay

la befana

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